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OPTIMYST Electric Stove with Humidification


We introduce the Dimplex "OPTIMYST" Electric Heat STOVE with Water Vapor Flames!

The Water Vapor comes alive with underlighting and gives the customer gentle humidification in the dry cold winter months.

REGENCY Liberty Gas Insert LR14E Medium


GORGEOUS Gas INSERT (LP or Nat) with a variety of decorative fronts. Comes in 3 sizes. Electronic Ignition with Intermittent Pilot. Full Function PROFLAME Remote Control, and blower. Everything you need to keep you warm and toasty in the winter. No more burning wood for you!

ENVIRO Berkeley 3 sided Gas Stove


STUNNING 3 sided Gas STOVE (LP or Nat). Enough heat for the largest Living Area. Blower, Logset, Full Function Remote with Electronic Ignition. Or simplify with just an On/Off Switch.  If you want a high heat output stove with a stunning view, this is the stove for you. 

EPA 2020 Wood Stoves


The REGENCY F2500 Cascades EPA2020 Medium Wood Stove offers the best of all worlds. Featuring: Eco-Boost triple burn technology, 1.0 gm / hour emissions, Cast Iron Door, Nickel trim OPTIONS, Blower option, 18" Log front to back or side to side, front mounted AIR CONTROL & front mounted Catalytic Bypass Control (makes startups easy peasy) Ceramic Glass, 10 YEAR 100% Catalytic (original) Warranty.

Enviro M55 Steel Stove


Need Heat, but don't have a chimney and don't want to install a chimney. The ENVIRO M55 Steel Pellet Stove combines High Heat Output 55,000 btu's, Large Ash Pan (don't have to dump as often), Large Hopper 80lbs (2 40lb bags!), Cast Iron fluted firebox liner, Automatic burnpot rotation stainless steel rod excavator, Heats up to 2500 sf, Digital control board with Thermostat or Non-Thermostat option. 

Q1 Small Gas Fireplace with Victorian Surround


This is a small "Portrait" shaped Gas Fireplace or Gas Insert. There aren't many gas units that can be used as a Gas Fireplace or a Gas Insert. This is one of the few.  The Victorian Surround harkens back to that wonderful Victorian Decor of yesteryear with a Modern tweek.  If you have an exisitng Masonry Wood Burning Fireplace and want to see if this could fit in it, take some measurements of your opening and come in to see us. 

The all new "TRAVERSE" Non-Electric Pellet stove

Check out this great video

The "Traverse" Non-Electric Pellet stove

Gravity Fed. High, Med, Low heat levels

45 lb hopper. Requires 6" Class A or Masonry Chimney.